Notre Dame Behavioral Health Policies 


Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the state of Arizona starting on March 23, 2020, our clinic will provide solely online Tele-Psychiatry services. The flexibility of Tele-medicine has absolutely helped and encouraged hundreds of patients during the pandemic and encouraged others with their busy schedules, hard to transport, and living in distant locations to improve their quality of life by seeking psychiatric help and recovery.


If you have a scheduled appointment, please, at the designated in-person appointment date and time join the secure Video Chat room, which you will receive a link for at your cell phone or laptop.


If you have not received a link to online Video Chat or phone call, please email us at or call 623-328-7323 option # 1. We continue to monitor voice messages and answer phone calls daily.

Coming to the clinic in person, please obtain and wear your mask at all times, wash your hands and maintain 6 feet physical distance. If you have been sick with the flu, or have been in direct contact with a sick household, please stay at home and ask for a telemedicine appointment. 


For new patient appointments, please email us your initial paperwork including a copy of your insurance card (front and back) and driver license. The initial paperwork package can be found under the PATIENT INFORMATION tab above. We will return a telephone call prior to your appointment time to collect a co-payment/service fee amount.

Controlled medications, Stimulants, Sedatives and Hypnotics Prescription Policy

Notre Dame Behavioral Health strives to serve clients' best interest, therefore the clinic discourages continuous use or use of high doses of Benzodiazepines or Stimulants, which are highly addictive and can compromise your health and life if not properly used as advised by your clinician.

Therefore, Benzodiazepines would be prescribed only on selected bases for medical necessity and on as needed bases, for patients who are willing to gradually wean off Benzodiazepines.

In all other circumstances, patients are required to find a different provider or consider inpatient admission for Benzodiazepines withdrawal and detox programs.

Random Urine Toxicology Screening Policy

Please be advised that if you are prescribed controlled substances from our clinic we might request in-house urine toxicology screening on a random basis before refilling your medications.

Clinic Dismissal Policy

Please, be advised that you can be automatically dismissed and without warning or notification from the clinic, for not following The regulations we set up to ensure your proper health, your safety, and safety of others. Possibly common dismissal reasons are outlined below.

  • Up to 3 consecutive cancellations/no shows appointments.

  • The inability to schedule a follow-up appointment after your initial evaluation by a reasonable time frame, usually 1-2 weeks or depends on the severity of the condition.

  • Failure to schedule follows up appointment following inpatient mental health hospital discharge ( Post-discharge follow up)..

  • Frequent nonadherence to appointments or nonadherence to directions of prescribed medications.

  • Frequent requests for medication refills via telephone or due to running out of prescribed medication earlier than designated prescription dosage time, lost scripts, or possible diversion...etc.

  • Failure to pay off outstanding balances for an extended period of time (up to one year)

  • Failure to follow Controlled Substance prescription policy, as failure to provide random urine toxicology screen or undisclosed use of concurrent other controlled, ETOH, doctor's shopping, or using multiple pharmacies for controlled prescriptions.

  • Fraudulent presentation or requests for paperwork regarding disability, guardianship, other legal, or court-related matters.

  • Failure to disclose and surrender firearm or lethal weapons to the police if at risk of danger to self or others. 

  • The clinic adopts Zero Tolerance for disrespect to the provider or clinic staff such as using profanities.

If dismissed from the clinic, medication supply might be provided for 30 days or more (if applicable), to give time for the patient to switch to another provider.​ Dismissed patients will not have an option to be reinstated in the clinic in the future.  

New Controlled Substances Prescription Policy

New Prescription Policy in Regards to Pharmacies

HIPPA Privacy Rule Related to Mental Health

Crisis Numbers