Your behavioral health support office near Kingman, AZ

Do you feel like your friends and family simply don’t understand? Do you want to talk to someone who cares in Kingman about your Behavioral Health?

Therapy is different. Notre Dame Behavioral Health provides you with psychiatrists near Kingman, AZ who strive to provide you with world class support through independent and affordable solutions for psychotherapy and grief therapy. Our mission is to find the right treatment for you and your specific needs, whether that means medication or therapy. Our providers will work with you to create a personalized plan that helps you get back on track while seeking support for behavioral health in Kingman, AZ. 


We are pleased to offer you a variety of ways to meet with a licensed psychiatrist in Kingman, AZ via our telehealth program. Behavioral Health is about finding what works best for YOU!

If you live in Kingman, behavioral health support such as this is perfect for you!  We encourage you to click this link to schedule an appointment today. We would love the opportunity to talk more about how our medication management services  could benefit your life and provide some additional information about our services here at Notre Dame Behavioral Health in Kingman Arizona.

Our psychiatrists are ready when YOU are ready! Let’s make it happen together!

Tell me more about telemedicine:

Telehealth is a service where people can contact the help they need all from the comfort of their homes. Notre Dame Behavioral Health has been utilizing this as a way of offering appointments to those who may not be able to make it into our office for an appointment but still want to receive the best care possible. These patients are monitored by clinicians and receive support and clarification through the use of webcams, text, or phone. Participating in telemedicine eliminates the need for long drives each way to our office in Surprise, Arizona.

Click this link right now to schedule an appointment for Kingman, AZ residents or call our office today to schedule your consultation session!


About Kingman:

Kingman is a desert community located about 165 miles northwest of Phoenix, and approximately 105 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

  • Is well known as the “Heart of Historic Route 66.”

  • Has a population of approximately 29,726 (as of 2019). 

  • It ranks as the 30th largest city in Arizona. 

  • Has a Route 66 Museum set inside the Powerhouse Visitors Center

  • is the closest city to the Grand Canyon Skywalk,  a transparent horseshoe-shaped tourist attraction on the edge of the Grand Canyon