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Your behavioral health support office near Yuma, AZ

Psychiatrists in Yuma, AZ are not easy to find, unless you know where to look...

If you’re looking for psychiatrists near Yuma, AZ to help you feel like yourself again, Notre Dame Behavioral Health is here to help! As soon as you talk with one of our friendly staff members and describe what your problem is, they will work to find the right psychiatrist just for you. We want our patients and clients to feel better than ever, so we strive to give them the care and comfort that only a home away from home could provide. Our telemedicine program is available in such a way that you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger – we'll connect with you through phone, or our virtual appointment system. 

Does your overloaded schedule keep you from getting the mental health care you need because it’s hard to find a licensed psychiatrist in Yuma, AZ?  If so, let Notre Dame Behavioral Health help. We provide a unique personalized service that allows patients to see a psychiatrist in Yuma. Behavioral health has never been easier with our system of monthly plans and easy 30-minute appointments that can be scheduled 24/7.  

Don’t let mental illness hold you back any longer – get the treatment you need for behavioral health in Yuma, AZ today!

What is telemedicine? 

Whether you're at work or at home, we offer confidential counseling sessions for individuals who would be uncomfortable seeing someone in person. Additionally, one of our primary services included with your evaluation is medication management. Our psychiatrists or one of our psychiatric nurse practitioners will use interactive technology to provide a safe space that feels as personal as meeting with them face-to-face. This way, your privacy is protected and you'll never have to worry about inconveniencing anyone or traveling to our office! Through our virtual appointment system, you can meet with a licenced psychiatrist near Yuma, Arizona from anywhere with a stable internet connection. At Notre Dame Behavioral Health we are skilled at using your telemedicine appointments as a way of providing you with the personalized treatment that you deserve!   

Let us help you feel better about yourself!


About Yuma

Yuma is located between Phoenix and San Diego and is known for its “big city vibes" with a small-town feel.

  • is known as the “Sunniest City on Earth,” by the Guinness World Records. The city boasts a warmer climate with sunshine present around 91% of the year.  

  • is also known as “America’s Winter Lettuce Capital,” and provides the United States with about 90% of the lettuce, citrus, and other leafy vegetables during the winter season.   

  • has an average temperature of 90 degrees or higher approximately 175 days per year, making the city the hottest in Arizona. 

  • Has a population of approximately 96,349.

  • Is the 11th largest city in Arizona. 

  • Is located approximately 60 miles from the Sea of Cortez (a branch of the Pacific Ocean)

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